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clinically tested
It soothes dry, irritated and itchy skin, strongly moisturizes.
/ 30 ml

Arthrobiotic NS 63 g

A unique combination of probiotic bacteria and herbal extracts
/ 63 g (21 sachets)
Suitable for all skin types, perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the skin.
/ 200 ml
Prebiotic Cleanser and Oil for acne-prone skin
Original price was: 351.90 zł.Current price is: 299.00 zł.

Proteinbiotic 250 g

Product supporting the maintenance of muscle mass.
/ 250 g (10 sachets)
It supports the natural stabilization processes of the intestinal microbiota of the digestive system
/ 2000 mg
Serum for Atopic Skin and 2 pack. Bifidobiotic NS
Original price was: 383.85 zł.Current price is: 329.00 zł.
Suitable for all skin types, stimulates collagen synthesis and evens skin tone.
/ 50 ml
Prebiotic Cleanser and serum for atopic skin
Original price was: 304.90 zł.Current price is: 259.00 zł.
clinically tested
It reduces wrinkles, age spots and strongly moisturizes.
/ 30 ml
Prebiotic Cleanser and Oil for redness
Original price was: 351.90 zł.Current price is: 299.00 zł.
/ 100 ml + 20 ml
It has an antioxidant effect and rebuilds the skin's hydrolipid barrier.
/ 20 ml

100% of natural ingredients

The products are manufactured in Poland from our own strains of probiotic bacteria.

Safe package Products that contain live strains of bacteria are shipped with a cooling pack to maintain their effectiveness.
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